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L.A. Prep Stands Apart

Extremely High Security. We provide a high level of security through:

  • Transporting high security or pre-production cars via enclosed car carriers
  • Custom-made security driving car cover and wheel covers
  • Comprehensive security measures check-list for running footage shoots
  • Restricting cell phone and camera entry in high security areas of our facility
  • Implementing employee access cards prior to entering vehicle areas
  • Placing security cameras throughout the buildings’ interior and exterior
  • Comprehensive security measures while on location
    • Prior to opening the trailer door or downloading a security vehicle from our transporter, our location tech will take the extra precaution in making sure that we have the security clearance before doing so
    • On photo shoots, our location tech will quickly cover any vehicle that is not working to protect its security

Advanced Technology. Our advanced technology involves a system that operates on a secure website to provide excellent quality control and car reservations. Through it, we successfully manage our fleet and each of our projects. Further, clients can see their vehicle fleet inventory, cars that they reserved and on what day, and their complete vehicle history.




L.A. Prep stands apart from our competition through uncompromised commitment to quality, consistent delivery of professional experienced service, sophisticated client-centered operation, and the deep level of complementary automotive services we have in-house. Specifically we offer:




Expertise Times 10. Clients rely on our strategic expertise and on-the-spot solutions to challenges and obstacles that arise. Skilled staff and drivers have extensive experience and will impress you with a high level of customer service, communication, and attentiveness

Current Models, Well-Maintained Trucks. Everyone knows when L.A. Prep trucks/trailers arrive on the scene. Our company-owned, customized trucks/trailers bearing the reputable L.A. Prep brand are well-maintained from the inside out. Enclosed car carriers ensure the safety, high security, and anonymity of all of the cars they carry.

Quality Beyond What You Can Imagine. When L.A. Prep paints a car, clients and others notice the level of quality. This is just one example of how the L.A. Prep brand stands for quality.





Our advanced technology manages the vehicle fleet in real time and is available on a secure website for authorized users.  It allows our clients to review their vehicle inventory, vehicle reservations and vehicle history.
  • Professionally manage jobs on-site for print, film, digital, and events
  • Collaborate with directors to strategically position cars to get the exact shot
  • Provide distinct, high-quality work
  • Are trusted problem solvers and solution providers
  • Provide on-time delivery and are often early
  • Do not rely on outside car carriers/transport companies as L.A. Prep has its own fleet




L.A. Prep’s car prep services are all-inclusive, offering different levels to meet your needs that far exceed our competition. We:


Highly solution-oriented, we recognize that changes occur daily in your world. We view obstacles as opportunities, and are ready and flexible to make changes, whether to a car or a location, or some other challenge. Clients share their problems and rely on us to help them find solutions. This builds strong trust and credibility, and we become a reliable extension of their team.


Following, are a few examples of how L.A. Prep came through in a pinch:


  • Our client changed their mind as to the car color for a photo shoot. So, at the last minute we peel-coat painted the car a new color. It worked out beautifully, which relieved the client and created a successful photo shoot.
  • When a client needed to photograph a car from the exterior, and then shoot the interior without certain chassis parts, we developed a system of car cutaways. To accommodate the photo shoot, we disassembled and assembled the car so that they could properly shoot the car from the interior and exterior. This solution gave the client exactly what they needed.
  • On a New Zealand shoot, we prepared the vehicle at L.A. Prep’s facility with a peel coat paint application. Arrangement for all logistics, including the vehicle’s flight to location, return by boat, storage arrangements, spare parts, transportation, and customs preparation was handled by L.A. Prep. While on location, we first shot the car peel coated, then removed the peel coat to shoot the car a second color, which effectively provided a reduction in cost; we painted one vehicle then shot it in two different colors. This resulted in a cost savings and a very happy customer!
  • Static Car Display for a premium, high level event. The venue was a luxury hotel, and the vehicle was to be staged on the second level of the building. As the service doors and elevator were not wide or large enough to accommodate the vehicle, L.A. Prep provided the solution. We completely disassembled the car, gutted it including the engine, strategically cut the car apart, inserted tabs for reassembling, and moved all the parts into the building’s second floor. We then rebuilt the car, including the interior (no engine), put it back together in such a way that there was no visible sign of altering the vehicle. Electrical was restored to the interior, and the vehicle was readied to receive a high volume of guests to occupy and preview the vehicle with normal access to and from the car, and all interior instrument panels and electrical service functioning properly. L.A. Prep loves these challenges!


L.A. Prep was nominated five times, and on three occasions chosen for a Premier Partner Award. This award is given to an OEM vendor for extraordinary efforts and recognizes those efforts as a premier supplier.

LA Prep crew did a great job in Miami. The cars were always in great shape, and we were never waiting on them for anything to happen. They were always where they needed to be when they needed to be there.

Marc Love, Web Developer

L.A. Prep Inc.

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We have 3 locations to serve you:

  • Signal Hill, California (headquarters)
    2700 Signal Parkway 
    Signal Hill CA 90755
  • Detroit, Michigan

  • Carrollton, Texas