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L.A. Prep Inc. Industry Leading Automotive Support Services

Nationally-renowned L.A. Prep is one of the most respected and chosen brands in the automotive support industry for over 30 years.  L.A. Prep  is a specialized niche company is consistently chosen by major advertising agencies, automotive manufacturers, and production companies for its vehicle support services.  We currently offer a vast range of services including advertising car prep, event services, vehicle transportation, fleet management, and vehicle sourcing.  Founded on high level service and quality deliverables, L.A. Prep’s reputation sets the industry standard.

Our clients derive significant value from our high-quality vehicle services and solutions-based approach, and anticipate a long-term, trusted relationship.  From start to finish, we continually meet and exceed our client's high expectations.

People in the business know the players, and they know L.A. Prep.